IT-Solution Design

IT-Solution Design

Hardware, firmware, software – but where to start? Modern IT-systems consist of a variety of components. Finished module systems, embedded system software and a wide range of closed and open source libraries need to be integrated into an overall system. It takes overarching designs of IT-systems, which allow best possible implementation of customer needs.

The synergy of hardware-platform, selection of system software, usage of standard libraries and adequate development environments result in cost-covering system developments.

Long-term lessons learned in software- and firmware development as well as comprehensive knowledge of measurement in automation and engineering empowers GUEP Software to support customers in designing there IT-systems in an optimal manner.

Besides the consideration of the pure technological aspects, economic and process-related aspects are also involved in our design decisions. So system decisions stay affordable and assure permanent success in application and implementing of the concepts.

IT-system design represents the masterful connection between software engineering and consulting & training. In this way GUEP software also supports in realization of developed IT-designs in the range of firmware and hardware development. Part of the consequent decision of a customer concerning selected IT-based systems is also accompanying education of staff, to meet the requirements of modern technologies.